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Track time from anywhere.

It is now not difficult to keep track of the amount of time spent on the assigned task. Time spent on the task can be monitored at any time and from any location with this advanced time tracker.

Monitor work done in your way.

Monitor the work done with captured screenshots. This advanced time tracker will let you track if the user is idle or not by providing keyboard and mouse usage keystroke counts.

Simply Select task to track

Directly click on the task that you want to track. The task will be added in the timer.

Add a timer note

You can also add important notes to the timer to help you remember
specific points.

Sort it to manage well

The sorting feature will help you organize your project in a
well-defined manner.

Know Exactly Where The Time Goes

You don’t have to worry about maintaining time notes. Simply start the timer and let it track the time spent on a particular task.

Modify Your Working Time

You no longer need to be concerned about making mistakes while logging your time for a task.
Edit or make changes to the amount of time spent working on assigned tasks.

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