Which software is best for project management?

Alian Hub is the best project management tool as it has useful features like time tracking, project management, workload management, Kanban, and so on.

What is Alian Hub?
Alian Hub is a full-featured project management solution that streamlines the administration of routine business operations.
Where is my Company Data stored in Alian Hub?
Your data is safely saved in your own database. We do not keep any of your Company data in any form on any of our systems.
Can I receive notifications via emails?
Yes, you can receive email, browser and mobile notifications for all the activities on Alian Hub. You can turn it on from Settings> Notifications> Advanced Permissions.
How to add a new Company?
To add a New Company, Go to Settings > Personal Settings > Company > Add New.
How do I add my staff on Alian Hub?
To add a member in your company or to invite a user, Go to Settings > Members. Enter email in the text box on the top right side, choose the role and designation and press invite. The user will get an invitation email and can join by that mail.
How can I remove people out of my company on Alian Hub?
To remove a member from your team, Go to Settings > Members > search the name > > Remove Member.
Where can I change a member's role?
Go to Settings > Members > search the member > edit the role from the dropdown.
How to edit personal details on Alian Hub?
To edit personal details on Alian Hub, Go to Settings > Personal Settings > My Settings.
How can I upgrade my plan?
To Upgrade or downgrade your existing plan, Go to Settings > Upgrade.
What do I need to do to change my password?
If you can’t remember the login password or want to reset the passcode, go to the Login screen and click on “Forgot password.” Enter your email address and follow the directions to reset the password.
How can I create a project?
On the menu bar of the dashboard, Go to Projects. Click on ‘New Project’, add the details and follow the steps to create a new project.create a new project.
Can I edit the project Name?
Yes, you can edit the project name by clicking on the project name in the project dashboard. A text box will be visible to you when you click on the project name. Write the name and press enter.
Is the project key customizable?
Yes, you can only personalize the key while creating the project. After that, it is not possible to edit it.
What is use of List View?
The List view displays the tasks associated with a project. The tasks are shown with their respective statuses aligned vertically.
How to record the hours worked in a task?
To add hours worked on a task or subtask, just click on that task or subtask. Click on the “Add time” button in the Time Log. Choose the date you want to log the time for from the calendar. Add the task’s start and end work times. Write down the description and then save.
Where can I see a project's workload?
You can check workload of a particular project by adding Workload View to the project. To view workload of all the projects; on menu bar, Go to Timesheets > Workload.
How to generate Milestone Report?
Milestone report is automatically generated as you create milestone in any project. To view the report; On menu bar, Go to Reports > Milestone report.
How to close a project?
To close a project, go to project detail page and click on ‘Close Project’ given in the bottom of the page. You can also close a project from Settings. Go to Settings > Projects > > Close project.
How to reopen a project?
To reopen a project, Go to Settings > Projects > Close Projects > > Reopen Project.
How to remove Table View from the Project?
To remove any view from the project, Go to Settings > Projects > Required Views > Unselect the view.
How to make a Project Private?
You can choose your project sharing option at the time of creating any project. To edit sharing setting of any project, Go to Settings > Projects > Share With > Make Private.
How can I create a task?
You can add a new task to a sprint or folder. Click on the sprint or folder and then on the right section of the sprint view, select ‘New Task’.
How can I edit project permissions for the members of my company?
To manage the permissions of members of a company on Alian Hub, Go to Settings > Security & Permissions > Advanced Permissions.
From where can I create a new sprint?
To create Sprint, Go to Projects, click on right of the project name, select ‘List’, add the name of the sprint and press enter or click on the tick mark.
Can I send audio messages in real-time in project chat?
Yes, you can send audio messages in real time by clicking on icon provided right next to the text box.
Where can I get access to files shared in a project?
You can find icon on the right top of the project view. By clicking on it, you can get the list of files shared in the project. You can also search a particular file in the search box.
What is use of Workload Report?
Workload Report displays the estimated number of hours required to complete a task together with the actual number of hours worked by users on that task.
What is use of Calendar View?
The work schedule for a month can be seen in the Calendar View. You can look the tasks associated with the project at any point in time, from the very beginning to the very end. The Calendar would be full of tasks that need to be done, highlighted with the color of the status.
What is Embed View?
With Embed View, you may see the content of a particular URL without opening it in several tabs. This view will allow you to see the whole page without any interruptions.
How to add Estimated hours?
You can add estimated hours by going to the ‘Task Detail’ page. On the right section, click on ’00h 00m’. Select the month and week of work and add the estimated work time in HH and MM box with respect to the date. Lastly, click on Save.
How to add Checklist in any project?
Go to ‘Project Details’. In checklist, click on ‘+’ and type your item name and press enter.