When searching for the ideal time-tracking software, you should opt for a top-notch product with a ton of useful features. Both Clockify and Toggl appear to have similar features, so you’ve probably heard of them previously. But which is better for your company? The detailed comparison between both apps that you’ve been searching for is provided in this Clockify Vs Toggl blog.

Clockify Vs Toggl – Introduction

Toggl is a great tool for small teams, but it may also be useful for freelancers as a way to track their spare time. Toggl features an intuitive gateway and a clear user experience. This desktop program connects with several project management applications and runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems. A free trial from Toggl includes unlimited projects, customers, and tags in addition to exportable reports, CVS imports, a Pomodoro timer, idle time monitoring, and tracking of desktop activity on an individual basis.

Large businesses are the ones who use Clockify the most because of its capabilities. Shift scheduling is made easier and more efficient by the employee scheduling tool. Clockify provides huge teams and businesses with a number of advantages. It is a useful tool for monitoring staff members and their assignments, personalizing duties, providing a simple perspective of processing, allocating employee projects wisely, and enhancing team visibility.

Because it is primarily intended for corporate use, Clockify is an affordable solution for those using the Basic and Standard subscriptions. Although access to more advanced capabilities would probably require an upgraded plan for enterprise firms.

Clockify Vs Toggl – Key Features

Key Features of Clockify:

  • Keep tabs on all budgets, statuses, and task advancement.
  • Record weekly tasks.
  • Use any shared device to log in.
  • Monitor the PTO, sick leave, and vacation requests of your staff.
  • Include costs, receipts, and other information based on hourly rates.
  • Use a timer to record your work hours or manually input them.
  • Schedule your next tasks ahead of time.
  • Analyze the breakdown of your working hours.

Key Features of Toggl:

  • Schedule time for each work and assess your level of productivity.
  • Obtain thorough project reports.
  • Oversee an unlimited number of projects and clients.
  • Establish and monitor the projects’ progress.
  • Get to know what your team has been up to.
  • Use the Toggl browser plugin to track time in more than 100 widely used tools.
  • Toggl calendar integration allows you to sync project events with your timesheet.
  • Examine the revenue and expenses to ascertain the progress.
  • Plan email notifications for stored reports.

Clockify Vs Toggl – Management Comparison

  • Time Tracking: Time entries using a stopwatch are the main focus of Clockify. The stopwatch may be set to start and stop as you work or manually enter time. Similarly, you may install a mobile app on your phone and track time easily using Toggl, which is accessible through a web browser. This implies that the tracker is constantly nearer your hand. In addition, Toggl notifies you to start your timer.
  • Project Management: You can monitor project progress using Clockify. In addition, you may analyze monitored vs. projected time, assign projects to team members, classify time as billable or non-billable, and create custom rates for projects. With Toggl, you can monitor project progress and project budgets and timetables. It’s simple to spot areas that require improvement early on and to make a plan of action to prevent reoccurring issues.
  • Reporting: Clockify provides three different report kinds that allow users to examine specifics about tasks and projects that brought in money. A synopsis of the day, time, activity, and user. View the task list, total number of clocked hours, number of billable hours, and total amount. Furthermore, the report’s entries are editable and you can receive a weekly report with all time tracked. Similar to Clockify, Toggl’s reporting provides three different ways to get useful information about your activities and projects. Firstly, review the total time monitored for all tasks and apply filters based on data, users, clients, and projects. Secondly, examine and export the team’s time entry. Lastly, you can go over the complete week’s logged time.

Clockify Vs Toggl – Conclusion

In conclusion, Clockify offers a free plan but Toggle offers a free trial and multiple paid plans. However, because of its robust integrated features that concentrate all kinds of work, Alian Hub is the perfect substitute for Clockify and Toggl. Teams can collaborate to manage tasks, ideas, documents, projects, and more without ever switching tabs. With Alian Hub, you can efficiently plan and complete projects, which can eventually boost productivity and expand your business.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Toggl and Clockify?
You can track time for an infinite number of users and projects for free with Clockify. To increase team efficiency, it also provides a timer. Toggl, on the other hand, may assist you with tasks like team scheduling and revenue tracking but with paid plans.
What is the alternative to Clockify?
Alian Hub, Toggl, Clickup, etc are the alternatives for Clockify.
Does Toggl have a screenshots capturing feature?
No. Toggl doesn’t track work and time by capturing screenshots. You can use Alian Hub to track time efficiently by capturing screenshots of the work done.
What is Toggl used for?
Toggl is used for time tracking, hiring, and project management.
What are the features of Toggl?
Features are scheduling time, obtaining project reports, overseeing an unlimited number of projects and clients, and establishing and monitoring the projects’ progress.