It would be wonderful to be able to manage your time and deliverables. Do you know what would be even more ideal, though? Having management software that takes care of everything for you! We are talking about time-tracking apps, and this thorough post will cover the best of them.

What to look for while selecting the Time tracking apps?

Time tracking apps serve as time trackers and offer a digital answer for your time management demands in the workplace. You may pick from a variety of time clock applications. But before you explore the various applications, let’s take a closer look at the time-tracking factors to take into account when choosing a time-tracker app that suits your needs:

  • Know the objective of having a time-tracking app. Find out how much time workers spend on assignments, or automate your HR procedures.
  • Get the app that captures the employee’s working hours without any issue.
  • Unlike manual spreadsheet or online time card tracking, the time tracking software has to keep track of both time and attendance
  • In the end, the time clock app should safeguard your time that would have been used for maintaining records and financial outlay for operating costs.
  • Determine if you require an online or hosted time clock app.

Which are the top time tracking apps?

Alian Hub

Alian hub is not only a project management app but has an advanced feature of tracking the time of users, and projects and helps in managing the workload. The time tracking app in Alian Hub tracks the working time and captures screenshots of the work done during a timeframe. Additionally, users can also add time manually. It lets you keep tabs on billable hours, productivity, and attendance.

Furthermore, the timesheets allow users to see the screenshots in detail. This helps employers or team managers in tracking the work done on projects by the team members or employees. The HR team can know the worked hours of the employees in a week or month and can easily process the paycheck. Thus, the Alian Hub time tracker proves to be the best time tracking app for businesses.


Use Clockify, an app that tracks time and creates timesheets, to keep track of work hours for many projects and any number of users. It has intriguing time log themes. However, the free version of Clockify is basic and includes multiple restrictions on key features; the advanced capabilities are only accessible in the subscription edition. Some users report that the program is slow and might be unresponsive at times. The cancellation is only available online, and the user has to send an email.


When it comes to employee time tracking apps, Sling is a good one. Payroll will go smoothly if employee hours are tracked and timesheets are instantly synchronized. You may also examine in-depth the reasons for erroneous employee work hours (if any) with this time clock software. Keep track of time periods like vacations and overtime, as well as your employees’ shifts and geolocation.


A single time-tracking program for projects, payments, invoicing, and compliance is Replicon. Chatbot powered by AI facilitates time tracking as a dialogue and provides real-time information regarding timesheet submissions. With the help of real-time tracking, you may manage remote (and field) crews from the comfort of your own home. The app’s reporting, according to some users, might be improved. For many users, the timesheet’s lack of a timer is a restriction.


Timesheet is for people who never stop moving; it lets you keep track of the hours you work, even if you have to travel frequently or are delayed in traffic. One more benefit that may catch your attention is that entering the time doesn’t require a different app. Plus, consumers don’t need any further instruction to begin going. Additionally, pulling and sending timesheet records to HR is simpler.

For monitoring weekly hours and PTO for staff members, Timesheet is one of the better time clock apps available. However, some users claim that the software is inadequate for real-time time monitoring, especially for workers who wish to punch in. Furthermore, this program might not be suitable if the user has complex and demanding time-tracking requirements.


In conclusion, time tracking apps have become indispensable tools for businesses seeking to enhance productivity and efficiency. Alian Hub, Sling, and Clockify stand out as top choices, each offering unique features to cater to diverse business needs. By implementing a reliable time-tracking solution, businesses can gain valuable insights, optimize resource allocation, and foster a culture of accountability. The right choice depends on specific business requirements, making it essential to explore options and select a tool that seamlessly integrates with existing workflows.

Frequently asked questions

Why is time tracking important for businesses?
Time tracking allows businesses to monitor how their resources, especially employee time, are utilized. This helps in identifying areas of improvement, optimizing project timelines, and enhancing overall productivity.
Are time tracking apps suitable for all types of businesses?
Yes, time tracking apps can be adapted to various industries and business sizes. Many apps offer customization options to align with the specific needs and workflows of different businesses.
Do time tracking apps violate employee privacy?
Most time tracking apps are designed to respect privacy and comply with regulations. It’s essential for businesses to communicate transparently about the purpose of time tracking and ensure that it is implemented in a way that respects employee privacy.
How do I choose the right time tracking app for my business?
Consider factors such as your business size, industry, required features, integration capabilities, and budget. It’s advisable to try out a few options with free trials to determine which app best aligns with your specific needs.
Can time tracking apps integrate with other business tools?
Yes, many time tracking apps offer integrations with popular project management, accounting, and collaboration tools. Integration can streamline workflows and enhance the overall effectiveness of time tracking.